A carousel for lions

Chino and Coco enjoy our latest addition to Kornberg Habitat at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, a carousel on which tires and boxes stuffed with catnip hang. The playful boys love chasing and grappling with their toys. The brothers were rescued from a tiny cage in a circus in Peru where there was nothing to stimulate their mind or body, and no room to stretch their legs. Now at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in their native Africa, they get to explore the 2.5-acre Kornberg Habitat and they are regularly treated to enrichment, which is so vital to their health and wellbeing.

This new tire swing is part of our ongoing efforts to keep adding different enrichment for our rescued lions and tigers, which ADI supporter Annabella Guiette has generously funded. Thanks too to Kunduchi Pet Products, who donated the catnip for the lions.

To help support the ongoing care of Coco and Chino, click here.

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