Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at ADI, and a HUGE THANK YOU for everything that you have helped us achieve in the past year from awareness and education campaigns to securing new laws to rescuing and caring for animals. For Thanksgiving this week, the lions and tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary have been enjoying special melon treats. This gallery gives a taste of the fun they have been having.

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Mighty Simba

Simba is one of the senior residents at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. He’s a bit wobbly on his feet these days and is treated for arthritis in his hind legs but there’s no doubt he still looks magnificent. His arthritis is a result of his early years in a cramped circus cage in Peru before ADI rescued him and his constant companion Rey. Earlier this year we added extra steps to his platform to help him up and down after a hospital visit when his arthritis seemed to be catching up. Simba ignored them, leaping up and down as he’d always done – that’s his choice! An old warrior living with dignity, home in Africa, in Guibord-Sprague Habitat at the ADIWS.

Where circus survivors go home to Africa

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa was founded to provide a natural home when animals in circuses are banned. ADI has undertaken huge rescues to enforce bans, emptying every cage in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Guatemala. These animals cannot return to the wild, they are in-bred and physically and psychologically damaged by years of abuse, so since 2019, almost all of the circus lions and tigers from Guatemala, Colombia and Peru have come here. Our 455-acre sanctuary gives them a life as close to nature as possible, living with dignity and freedom in large habitats.

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Catnip fun for the Cuscos

The allure of catnip draws in Scarc, Amazonas and Mahla (the Cusco family) in a great game to tear up the punch bag. Kindly provided by Kunduchi Pet Products, our ex-circus survivors love to own anything new they find in their territory at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa.

Who do you think had the most fun?

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Easy and David reunited

Easy is back with companion David after her visit to the veterinary hospital. She is being treated for an ear infection and also had an examination by the ophthalmologist. Lions are very sociable cats and they were clearly pleased to be reunited. The pair rescued from different circuses in Colombia and Peru were brought together at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this year for companionship.