Kesari’s tire swing

Kesari enjoys hanging tire enrichment, which we’ve loaded with the irresistible scent of catnip (kindly donated by Kunduchi Pet Products) and other essential oils. This impressive boy has the run of the Phillips Habitat at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary where we happily cater to his needs. ADI offered him a home after hearing that he was driven from his pride at Pretoria Zoo and for two years, spent most of his time in a night house due to lack of space. Thankfully the zoo waited for a safe home for him – had he been put up for auction, he could have ended up in the sights of a trophy hunter!

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Iron at sunset

As the sun sets over the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa, Iron is on top of his platform and ready to roar out the day with the other lions. Iron is at least 16 years old and was rescued from a circus cage in Colombia eight years ago. For almost his entire life Iron was inseparable from his friend Ojiclaro who sadly passed away due to cancer. Now Iron is part of a programme to slowly introduce him to Bumba who was rescued from the same circus in Colombia. It’s a very gradual process because these are senior male lions, both also recently needed surgery which slowed this process. However, they are eating next to each other, in separate rooms, in their house and rotate in different parts of the habitat. Time will tell if they become close companions or just neighbors.

Spring is in the air

Kimba wakes up at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, sniffs the air and we are sure he can tell Spring is here. Being in South Africa, in the southern hemisphere, Spring and winter are at the opposite time of year to where many ADI supporters live. In the coming weeks as the days get hotter, the winter insulation of heavy rubber and hay bales that we put on the dens will be coming down. Thank you to everyone who sponsored hay bales and kept our lions and tigers snug this winter.

Kimba was rescued from a circus in Guatemala.

Sasha plays ball

Sasha plays with her Robust-a-Ball at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Fun for Sasha and important physiotherapy for a lioness with a titanium implant in her leg. Sasha suffered a traumatic declawing process, crushing a toe, as a cub in a Guatemalan circus. It became infected and turned into cancer.After ADI rescued her, veterinarian Peter Caldwell performed groundbreaking surgery, replacing diseased leg bone with a titanium plate. Sasha’s original limp is still evident, due to contracted tendons – a legacy of years of limping in the circus, but she is now pain and cancer free. Enrichment, like these balls, is vital for keeping animals physically and mentally healthy.

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Lupe needs your love

Ex-circus tiger from Guatemala, Lupe, is now suffering the same damage because of her circus life, like her sisters Bimbi and Sombra. She is now having the same seizures we saw in her sisters and was taken to hospital for an MRI so that Dr Caldwell and his colleagues could establish the extent of the lesions on her brain and decide the next course of medication to hold off and minimise the seizures. This condition cannot be cured, but we can treat her to make her comfortable and give her as long as we can to enjoy the freedom of her habitat alongside her family. She is now back home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary following her scan.

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Catnip toys for lions

Rey A (from Ayacucho) gets stuck into a box stuffed with hay and catnip at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Filmed soon after Rey returned from hospital, you can see where he was shaved for an ultrasound. Rey and brother Simba were rescued from a circus in Peru and had not been apart until Rey was taken ill. The greeting the two lions gave each other when Rey returned was incredible and if you’ve not seen it, watch it here.

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