Jade’s giant step

It was three years ago this week that Jade stepped from her travel crate at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary after an epic journey from Guatemala where she had been rescued from a circus. What must have been going through her mind? It proved to be a huge step into a new life for Jade (and indeed the 16 other tigers and lions who arrived with her). Our pictures give a glimpse of three years of racing around her habitat, causing trouble and playing with her sisters (the Spice Girls), lounging in her pools and exploring. A life transformed thanks to ADI supporters – and it began with that step three years ago. Thank you.

Smith on the mend

We are delighted to report that the much-loved Smith is regaining his appetite under Dr Peter Caldwell’s watchful eye, at Old Chapel Veterinary Hospital. The huge lion has had x-rays, ultrasounds, and is now on medication and recovering from an intestinal inflammation. He will remain in hospital under observation until Dr Caldwell is satisfied he is ready to come home to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary and to his brother Rey Cusco. Keep sending your love for his speedy recovery.

Mr Smith has no mane because he was castrated in the circus in Peru, where he was rescued by ADI in 2014. He is 11 years old and weighs a whopping 187.kg – second only to our largest resident, Mr Kesari (192.kg).

Easy taking it easy

Beautiful Easy, rescued from a circus in Colombia, and now taking it easy at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. At 17 years old, she is one of our senior lions. Like many of the lions rescued by ADI from circuses in Colombia and Peru in 2014, Easy is developing cataracts, often instigated by years of malnutrition early in life, but this is not causing her problems exploring Camo Habitat with companion David. The two were the first success story of our program to bring lonely lions together and are clearly loving life together.

To adopt our senior lioness Easy and help support her care:

Smith in hospital, Iron improving

Dr Peter Caldwell visited the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary after concerns about 11 year old Smith who had stopped eating and 17 year old Iron who was limping, eating less, and had stopped roaring. Iron has responded well to a change in his arthritis medication, is regaining his appetite, walking much better and he is roaring like his old self. Iron’s teeth were examined and he will be in our next round of dental work. We remain concerned about the lovely Smith as it is very unusual for him not to eat and he appears nauseous. He is under observation at Old Chapel Veterinary Hospital and scheduled for x-rays, an ultrasound and further blood tests. Send him your love, we all hope that he will be well and back with brother Rey Cusco soon.

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Lion Ark now streaming for free

The finale of Lion Ark, the award-winning documentary, sees 25 lions rescued from circuses in Bolivia airlifted to a sanctuary in the US. Loading so many lions calmly and carefully takes hours of patience and working through the night – so that the animals don’t get overheated in travel crates. Lion Ark, the story of how all Bolivia’s circus animals were rescued following a ban, takes you inside the planning, build up and execution of a huge airlift of lions. The tension, challenges and exhausted joy of taking off. At the time it was a record airlift of lions. ADI broke that record with 33 lions rescued from circuses in Peru and Colombia flown to South Africa.

SEE THE ENTIRE FILM, STREAMING FREE, HERE: https://watch.unchainedtv.com/lion-ark

UNCHAINEDTV is available on iPhone, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku®. Tune in, enjoy Lion Ark, and make sure to hit that share button!

Lion Kisses

Tarzan and Tanya on a sunny Sunday morning at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. In a week when ADI supporters all over the world have felt the heartbreak of the loss of our dear spectacled bear Cholita at 33 years old, we wanted to give you something to smile about. A reminder of how precious the years, you help us give to these animals, are something of the life they lost. Tarzan and Tanya were rescued from a circus in Guatemala, they faced hell together and now enjoy a life of peace and freedom. They adore each other and make it clear they would protect each other to the end.

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Our old warrior Leo

Our old warrior, Leo, rescued from a circus in Peru, enjoys some sunshine at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Leo seems to have coped well with the sad passing of his lifelong companion Muñeca. But at 20 years old (at least) dear Leo is slowing down and starting to show his age. That doesn’t stop him exploring the whole of the almost 4-acre Abbey Habitat. We recently added a new platform den (with wood supplied by Trees for Tigers) so that Leo could easily find shelter when exploring the south end of the habitat. Here’s to many more years in the sunshine for our most senior lion.

You can adopt Leo to help support his care in his golden years.