School children meet the ADIWS lions

Last week ADI President Jan held a 45-minute Zoom call with pre-k and kindergarten students from New Jersey’s Lacordaire Academy, as part of a study of Africa. The students were able to get up close with our rescued lions, with the Cusco pride (Kiara, Amazonas, Scarc, Mahla) making quite an impression as they played with catnip boxes and romped in their huge habitat. The kids also got to speak with Ernest, Lefaso, and Paul from the ADIWS Resident Care Team who provide food and care for the residents every day.

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Introducing Milo

At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, we work to ensure that everyone has the company of someone of their own kind – someone who communicates and understands the world in the same way, with similar unspoken understanding. Our resident companion, guard dog, keeper and supervisor of all human activity, Rollo, has been alone since his arrival in 2018 with just occasional dog visitors for playmates. We contacted the local SPCA and said we had a potential home for a dog in need – and met Milo! Crossbreed Milo is around 4-5 years old and has immediately made great friends with Rollo. He is also good with the chickens, guinea fowl, ducks and other small residents. For the past couple of weeks, Rollo and Milo have played together, carried out (their own version of) night patrols together, and enjoyed regular walks with Sanctuary Director Karen Williams. Rollo has a friend. Welcome to ADI, Milo.

Remember: Never buy dogs from dealers or breeders, always adopt from shelters and let a Milo into your life.

Saved from pet trade and back to the wild

Yesterday, two wild tortoises were released at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary to begin a new life that could last many, many years. The tortoises had been illegally taken from the wild and were being offered for sale as pets on the internet, when the SPCA stepped in to save them. The SPCA asked ADIWS to take the animals and release them on our 455 acre sanctuary where we already have wild tortoises roaming. A happy ending for two lucky tortoises.

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Veterinary day in pictures

Friday was an intense day with Dr Peter Caldwell and Professor Gerhard Steenkamp doing health and dental check-ups on seven lions: Rey Cusco, David, Tarzan, Tanya, Sasha Lioness, Kimba and Tomas. Rey Cusco and David had dental surgery. Tarzan, Tanya, Sasha Lioness, Kimba and Tomas all moved to new larger habitats. Everyone had recovered from sedation on Saturday and are eating again. If you missed them, you can check out the recordings of the live reports on our Facebook page.

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Smith getting better

We recently posted about Smith’s return to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary from hospital and his medications, to help with a gastric problem. Rey and Smith were delighted to see each other with much head bumping and rubbing. They settled in their huge habitat with Rey sitting by Smith as he continued to recover. Rey realized something was wrong with his friend and, over the next few days, became very protective of Smith, who had become a bit depressed. Rey would block and try and chase away the team who were giving Smith his meds – they are normally fed and medicated in separate rooms in the house but Smith couldn’t get in. It was very moving to see, but it was essential that Smith’s recovery did not falter, so to make sure Smith gets all his meds, we had to put them in separate parts of their habitat – they can still see each other.

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Tomas and Kimba snuggle up

One great big bundle of paws! Tomas and Kimba squeeze under the lower step of a platform for some shade at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Yes, they have trees, a big shelter under the platform and a two-room house, but this is where they chose to snuggle up together. The reunion in Africa of the two brothers, that had been separated in a Guatemala circus as cubs, has been a huge success.

They need their own kind

As Valentine’s week comes to an end, it seems appropriate to celebrate the incredible loyalty and love lions shows for each other. Our hearts broke last week when dear Iron passed away, the comfort for many being he was once again with his beloved OJ (Ojiclaro) again. The pair had been through hell together in a Colombia circus. Their battered faces looked close to defeat in their cramped circus cage the day ADI rescued them. But their spirit was not broken and were soon looking regal again in the basic, temporary rescue unit we had in Bucaramanga.

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Loving lions on Valentine’s Day

A very happy Valentine’s day from everyone at ADI and the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

Enjoy Tarzan and Tanya showing the incredible love and loyalty these animals have for each other. They went through hell in a Guatemalan circus but they got their happy ending at ADIWS.

Thank you to all the ADI supporters who made it possible through donations and adoptions.

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