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You can adopt your favourite from just $8/£3 per month ($96 / £36 per year) and help ADI provide the ongoing care these animals need. As an adopter you will receive an adoption certificate, ADI Rescuer newsletter, rescue updates, a beautiful photograph of your adopted animal each year (suitable for framing), and ADI publications. Silver adopters also receive our special ADI Rescuer tshirt; Gold adopters an ADI rescued animal canvas print AND Rescuer tshirt!

Rescued during Operation Spirit of Freedom, Colombia & Peru

Operation Spirit of Freedom was the largest rescue of its kind, ADI helping wildlife officials to enforce legislation ending the use of wild animals in circuses. Nearly 100 animals, who all suffered terribly at the hands of humans, were saved – including the following:

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Leo, Coco, Chino, Rolex, Muñeca, Africa, Kiara H
During a difficult seizure ADI was forced to take only stately patriarch Leo and his three rambunctious sons Coco, Chino and Rolex from a circus in Huaral, Peru. It was several months later before ADI caught up with the same circus, rescuing the rest of the family, lionesses Muñeca, Africa and Kiara H.

Rey and Simba
An angry mob surrounded ADI as we seized Rey and Simba from a circus in Ayacucho, Peru. The brothers took the 19-hour journey to the ADI rescue center in their stride, snuggling up together on a deep bed of hay as we drove over the Andes through rain, sleet and snow.

Rey, Kiara P, Scarc, Mahla, Amazonas, Smith
The most difficult seizure of the mission, at first the circus in Cusco, Peru, would only give Amazonas, Kiara P and Rey into our care. It took near tragedy and negative global media attention to turn things around.  In an incredibly irresponsible act, the circus invited a local school teacher into the ring to take part in a performance by Smith. Already distressed from being separated from his companion Amazonas, Smith behaved as a lion would and pounced on the teacher, dragging her round like a ragdoll. Caught on film, the images raced around the world. Thankfully, the teacher was not seriously harmed in the attack, but angry members of the public called for Smith to be killed. ADI sprung into action and successfully fought to save him – the circus additionally agreed to surrender the two cubs, Scarc and Mahla. After crying for her babies for days following their separation, mother Kiara was overjoyed to be reunited with them.

After weeks of hiding out in the jungle, the circus with the last illegal lions in its possession was finally tracked down in Arequipa, Peru. It was too late to save father Muñeco, who had died from a parasite, but the circus owner agreed to give up David and promised ADI that his circus would remain animal free.

Ricardo had been confiscated from a circus and placed in Huancayo Zoo, Peru. Suffering an extreme adverse drug reaction after being anaesthetized by the zoo, Ricardo had repeated seizures over several hours. In our care he survived his ordeal and soon regained his lively spirit.

Bolillo, Bumba, Junior, Easy, Shakira, Iron, Ojiclaro, Zeus
The first lions surrendered by one law-abiding circus owner after Colombia passed a nationwide ban on wild animal acts.

Arriving soon….

Kesari, all alone in Pretoria Zoo, will soon call the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary his new home

Meet Kesari, part of a group of lions confiscated in South Africa, but the 4-year old has been evicted from his pride and is currently all alone in Pretoria Zoo.

When we began building the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary last year, we made a commitment that we would be there for lions in South Africa as well as for our international circus rescues. This is one of the most critical frontlines for wildlife in the world, where lions need our help – especially if confiscations and actions to close down lion farms are to continue. So when Captured In Africa Foundation called for our help and we saw that face, what could we say?

Thanks to the support of caring people like you, Kesari will soon call the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary his home.

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Rescued during Operation Liberty, Guatemala

Operation Liberty is our current rescue mission in Guatemala. Like Spirit of Freedom, we are helping enforce legislation which bans ALL animal circus acts. During 2018, 21 big cats have been saved including:

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Kimba, Nena, Sasha, Tomas
Kimba, Nena and Sasha were the first animals to be removed from one of the circuses following the ban. Circo Navarro surrendered their animals voluntarily, and described its new animal-free status as “a new chapter”. A few months later, the lions’ brother, Tomas, arrived suddenly at our temporary rescue center; he’d been handed to a zoo, but they could no longer care for him.

Tarzan, Tanya
Tarzan and Tanya were removed from a circus along with nine tigers. Since being in our care, both have received pain-relieving dental treatment to repair the damage done in the circus. A reported fight with a tiger in the circus has left Tarzan with a torn lower lip, which we hope can be repaired when he gets to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa.

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Itza, Sombra, two unnamed male cubs, Lupe, Bimbi
The circus refused to relinquish tigers Lupe, Bimbi, Itza and Sombra and their two cubs when ADI removed two lions and nine other tigers. Vowing not to leave them behind and working with the authorities, ADI removed the tigers five months later – the last animals in that circus.

Sun, Moon, Luna, Jade
Sun, Moon, Luna and Jade were voluntarily handed over to ADI from a circus along with five other tigers and two lions. The circus refused, at the time, to give up six other tigers (see above).

Kumal and Sasha
Kumal and Sasha were voluntarily handed over to ADI at the same time as Sun, Moon, Luna and Jade.