An update on Leo

It’s been just over a month since we said goodbye to Leo’s lifelong companion Muñeca, and we know many of you might be wondering how this gentle giant is coping without her.
The incredible ADI Wildlife Sanctuary team has been keeping a close eye on Leo to monitor his movements, providing extra attention, enrichment, and treats. By giving him smaller, more regular meals, the team is spending extra time interacting with him.

Leo was rescued with his family from a circus in Huaral, Peru. He and Muñeca came to the sanctuary with their three rambunctious sons Coco, Chino, and Rolex and daughters Africa and Kiara. Leo’s eye had to be removed in July this year due to an infected cataract. Such problems are caused by extremely poor conditions and diet in circuses.

Spending much of the day sleeping under the trees in his Abbey Habitat, just as he would have done with Muñeca, our dear old warrior is doing well.
He may be the oldest of our residents, but Leo is very much still young at heart!
It made the ADIWS team smile when Leo, keen to get to his food, clambered over the straw insulation bales around his den rather than use the entrance behind him. 

Please continue to send Leo your love and best wishes. Remember that with your generous support, Leo and his family were saved from a terrible life in a circus to enjoy the rest of their lives in peace in their natural African homeland.
This is a life of freedom that our other circus survivors enjoy … and that other animals still in cages desperately deserve.
Please donate here to help look after Leo and support our work and the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Thank you.

You can also adopt Leo, or any of our ADIWS residents, from $8/month or $96/year. For details click here

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