Tomas: Home to Africa after detour

When Guatemala banned animals in circuses, Tomas was the first animal to be surrendered. But not to ADI, instead he went to a local zoo. Several months later when ADI began removing lions and tigers from circuses as part of the circus ban enforcement operation, the zoo decided it did not have the space for Tomas. Little did he know it, but as Tomas was moved on again, this time he had really caught a lucky break that would take him all the way home to Africa. The ADI Temporary Rescue Unit in Guatemala were only given 20 minutes notice that a lion was already on his way! We frantically moved ‘freedom’ cages around and prepared a space for Tomas. 14 months later, Tomas was on a flight with 12 tigers and 4 other lions home to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

Today, he enjoys the beautiful Augie Habitat – pictured. He is from the same circus as Kimba and Sasha and we are working towards him living with Kimba. The boys have always got on well as neighbors and greeted each other enthusiastically through a gate when Kimba recently returned from a veterinary hospital visit. We look forward to them enjoying strolls in their woodland together. Seeing him amongst the trees home in Africa, we certainly feel it was Tomas’ lucky day when the zoo in Guatemala decided he was no longer wanted!

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