Sanctuary founders


A place of loving kindness for rescued, abused ex-circus animals, and others, where they are treated with love and respect; provided with the best possible lifetime home – allowing them to enjoy their lives to the fullest extent possible, safe from harm. The Jean Warner Sprague Education Center will provide education about our neighbors – the other species sharing planet Earth. The Center will promote understanding of wildlife and preservation of our shared environment.

With the generous help of our wonderful ADI Wildlife Sanctuary Founders, we purchased 455 acres of land with 3 houses and 2 barns; secured the perimeter with a high security fence; built 20 habitats with solar-powered electric fence protection; pumped water to each habitat; built night-houses (some with heated floors for older lions); built platform for views with shelters underneath. In just 18 months.

We now have 31 lions and tigers in our care, rescued from circuses in Peru, Colombia and Guatemala. We have one lion born in South Africa, handed to us by Pretoria Zoo when there was no place for him. We have returned to them something of the life they lost, when their forebears were taken from freedom in the wild.

By becoming one of our founding supporters (from $500 / £375 / R13,270), you can help us further develop our new sanctuary, and provide homes for more animals in need. Find out more and support the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary here.

Our eternal thanks and gratitude to the following:

ADIWS Founders

  • Anonymous Donor
  • Suzanne Brennan
  • Dr. Betsy Coville
  • Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips
  • Kakato by April Fong
  • Rosslyn Guest
  • Keith Holmes
  • Janet Jensen and Human Investment
  • Vivien Jones
  • June and Julian, Staffordshire
  • Irina Kornberg
  • Murray and Letizia Kornberg
  • In Loving Memory of Chris LC Lee
  • Mark and Teri Mathes
  • Tom and Wendy Schiller-Jones
  • Sue and David Sinfield
  • Dr. Lo Sprague & Rev. Dr. Gwynne Guibord
  • Robert R Sprague Foundation
  • Antonia Stephanides-Symes
  • Jennifer and Alan Tanaka
  • Marc and Erin Tohir
  • Thomas and Carolyn Long – Trees for Tigers USA
  • Family of Vaghabhai (Tiger) & Laxmibhen Patel – Khadupa Trust
  • Elise N. Zoli

ADIWS Co-Founders

  • Alasdair and Sally
  • Chris and Diane Borr
  • Julia Edge
  • Denise Garner
  • Frank E Grime & Olga T Grime
  • Annabella Guiette
  • Mr Gerald Scott Hartley
  • Sarah Segal 
  • Patty Shenker and Doug Stoll

ADIWS Champions

  • Carol Booth
  • Bridget Day
  • Colin English
  • Jenny Grainge
  • Wolfgang Haussmann
  • Suzanne Hayano
  • Jaki and George Kennedy-Copeland
  • May Mills
  • Anne Roberson and Toni Roberson
  • Lydia Wood

ADIWS Freedom Pathway Sponsor

  • Vanda Balfour
  • Sharon and Art Barber
  • Trevor and Pat Bass
  • Sacha, Gary, Harrison and Lawrence Bond
  • Mrs E Clark
  • Filly and Antonia Daniel
  • Linda Darico
  • Carol Dopke
  • Eastwood Ranch Foundation
  • Cara Fitzpatrick
  • Frith-Smith & Archibald, LLP
  • Debbie Gollnick
  • Polly Kanganis
  • Chris and Robin Keyser
  • Carlos and Annemarie Kummel
  • Sarah Malins
  • Thomas S. Ochs
  • The O’Neill Family
  • Jahque Price-Rees
  • Jonny Schneider
  • Julie Thomas

ADIWS Friend

  • Mary Archibald
  • Julie Arnall
  • Ron Bassmann
  • Glenda Brooks
  • Gloria Cassy
  • Donna and Neil Curtis
  • Bernice Ehlers
  • Angela Filippa
  • Rita Harris
  • John and Catherine Kasper
  • Tom B K Knutsen
  • Linda R. Lorber
  • Christine Meusz
  • Beverly Norona
  • Katie and Bill Robidoux
  • Shani Rosenzweig
  • Rebecca Smedley
  • Southampton Animal Concern
  • Tony
  • Michelle Wong
  • Gina Yates