Sunny with a side of shade

At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, our residents enjoy freedom of choice. Here, ReyA opts to soak up some sun, while Simba chooses to snooze in the shade. The brothers were rescued by ADI from a circus in Peru, where they were confined to a tiny cage.

These A frames have been a big hit among our rescued lions and tigers who have received them so far (we hope to make more for all our residents). Lately, ReyA and Simba spend all day every day sleeping or relaxing in them – they can enjoy the shade while still seeing through them.

To help us build more for the rest of our big cats (UK £53 / US $66 / R1,200 each): Donate UK £ | Donate US $

Help keep them warm

Winter is coming in South Africa, where it can get very cold, sometimes with ice on the lake at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.
Hay bales are used to insulate the outdoor dens, which are also covered with conveyor belt rubber. Inside, a thick layer of nice soft teff grass. Although ADIWS residents have free access to their houses (heated for our seniors), they mainly like being out in their dens under their viewing platforms.

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His smile says it all

Bumba, rescued from a circus in Colombia, is loving his A frame (made out of branches) at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. It provides just the right amount of shade while still allowing him to see through. These A frames are hugely popular because many of our ADIWS residents have FOMO (fear of missing out). So far, the A frames have also been given to Sasha lioness, ReyA and Simba, Tomas and Kimba, Kesari, and Sasha tiger. Stay tuned for more photos!

We would love to make more A frames for the rest of our residents to enjoy. Can you help? It costs UK £53 / US $66 / R1,200 each. You can donate towards one (or more) here: Donate UK £ | Donate US $

Adopt Max and Stripes as an Easter gift

Rescued with their family from a circus in Guatemala at just six months old, Max and Stripes have their whole lives ahead of them – in freedom.

The boys have benefitted from a proper diet and are now huge, powerful, personalities with Max being the natural leader.

Easter is coming – symbolic of new life and beginnings – can you adopt our big boys and help secure their lifetime care? And what a great Easter gift!

Adopt US $ | Adopt UK £

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Sasha vs giant bag of catnip

Sasha tiger is having fun swinging on and tearing into a punch bag of catnip and hay, kindly provided by Kunduchi Pet Products. Before ADI rescued her from a circus in Guatemala, she was confined to a tiny bare cage, with no room to run or play. Now she is free to have fun. Watch out for a video of these antics coming soon.

To help us continue to provide enrichment to our rescues, which is essential to their mental and physical health: Donate US $ | Donate UK £

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Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at ADI, and a HUGE THANK YOU for everything that you have helped us achieve in the past year from awareness and education campaigns to securing new laws to rescuing and caring for animals. For Thanksgiving this week, the lions and tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary have been enjoying special melon treats. This gallery gives a taste of the fun they have been having.

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