Lionesses enjoying football

Congratulations to the “Lionesses” (England’s women’s football team) for winning Euro 2022. The lionesses at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary love their football as shown off here by Mahla at the weekend. The lions do however take the expression “tough tackling” to another level”!

Not to be left out, the Sanctuary’s tiger team also loves to play ball, although their rules can be hard to follow.

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Catnip time!

Big or small, all cats go crazy for it. Huge thanks to Kunduchi Pet Products, a company based in South Africa, for donating 10kg of catnip to provide our rescued lions and tigers fun enrichment. Enrichment and play are essential for keeping rescued animals physically and mentally healthy. Enjoy these photos of our ADI Wildlife Sanctuary residents enjoying catnip stuffed into boxes with teff. Which photo is your favorite?

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Indomitable Sasha

When Sasha was a tiny cub, the Guatemala circus owner decided to cut off her front toes, to prevent her claws growing. She would not be able to defend herself. The circuses don’t pay for veterinarians. She will have been torn, screaming, from her mother, her legs held tight, as her toes were cut off. Instead of cleanly cutting all the toes off, one toe was crushed. The injury was just left, and so baby Sasha developed a limp, her toe infected and painful. Six long years of pain later, the infection turned into cancer.

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Jade checks out her new trees

March saw 24 more indigenous karee trees – sponsored by Trees for Tigers USA – planted at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. This is part of our program of re-wildling the sanctuary land with indigenous plants to encourage local wildlife and provide rich habitats for our rescued lions and tigers. The sanctuary has 455 acres, much of which was denuded by farming, so we are re-planting and giving it back to the animals. These trees are an investment that will grow and grow and provide shelter for generations of rescued animals to come – we just have to keep watering them! Jade, who was rescued from a circus in Guatemala and who lives with sisters Luna, Sun and Moon, seems to approve. Although she didn’t help by tearing up the pipes we planted to water the trees and turning them into toys for her and her Spice Girl sisters!

Lions and tigers play ball

Our custom made lion and tiger balls from Robust a Ball have arrived at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary and Kesari, Sasha tiger, Chino and Coco have been the first to have a ball! Sasha lioness has been enjoying our prototype of the new size for the past couple of weeks. For Sasha lioness, it is even more than enrichment, it is great physiotherapy for her leg, which has a titanium scaffold after diseased bone was removed.

Our habitats are large at the ADIWS, giving the lions and tigers space to explore, run, and play, but enrichment like this is still vital for keeping them engaged mentally and physically. You can support treats, toys and enrichment for the animals.

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Rey enjoys his watermelon enrichment

“MINE, ALL MINE!” You really wouldn’t want to try and get this watermelon out of Rey’s protective paws once he has started playing with it. Rey was rescued from a circus in Peru and now lives at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary where the rescued lions and tigers enjoy a range of toys for enrichment including melons, pumpkins, catnip boxes and balls. ReyC and his brother Smith have a habitat of over 6 acres of natural African landscape to roam – a very different world to the small bare circus cage we rescued them from. However, our enrichment and toys are still vital for keeping the lions and tigers in our care physically and mentally active. Enrichment is an important addition to giving the animals the space they need to express themselves and we think you can tell what Rey’s prize means to him in these pictures!

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Make their season merry and bright

The rescued lions and tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary are already tearing open Christmas presents – brightly wrapped boxes stuffed with hay and catnip and watermelons – thanks to ADI supporters. Enrichment like this is fun and serves a serious purpose, keeping the animals engaged mentally and physically – something our circus survivors never got to enjoy before their rescue. A huge thank you to Annabella Guiette for kickstarting our holiday appeal with treats for the lions and tigers. Watch out for our video on Christmas of all the fun.

Can you help keep the festivities going?

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Happy Halloween for rescued lions and tigers

Life used to be just about tricks for these circus survivors and now it’s only TREATS! This week our lions and tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary enjoyed pumpkin treats sponsored by supporters of ADI. As well as giving the animals a lot of fun, treats help satisfy their inquisitive and exploring nature, always looking for the new, so helps them to be physically and mentally active. Have a great Halloween weekend.

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Our big cats want to go trick-or-treating this Halloween

Although our lions and tigers have huge habitats to roam and other important enrichment like catnip and hay boxes, tires and other toys, pumpkins are always an extra special treat. Look at all the fun they had last year! Help them make up for all those years in the circus where they lived in tiny, miserable cages with nothing to interest or engage them.

Can you sponsor a pumpkin for Halloween? Just £1.50 / $2 buys a pumpkin and a whole lot of fun for a lion or tiger. Let’s see if we can raise enough to keep them playing for the rest of the year! Follow our social media posts to see what the lions and tigers get up to.

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