Sasha vs giant bag of catnip

Sasha tiger is having fun swinging on and tearing into a punch bag of catnip and hay, kindly provided by Kunduchi Pet Products. Before ADI rescued her from a circus in Guatemala, she was confined to a tiny bare cage, with no room to run or play. Now she is free to have fun. Watch out for a video of these antics coming soon.

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Catnip fun for the Cuscos

The allure of catnip draws in Scarc, Amazonas and Mahla (the Cusco family) in a great game to tear up the punch bag. Kindly provided by Kunduchi Pet Products, our ex-circus survivors love to own anything new they find in their territory at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa.

Who do you think had the most fun?

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Kunduchi Pet Products rebranding with ADIWS info

Kunduchi Pet Products is a company based in South Africa that has been generously providing catnip for our lions and tigers’ enrichment, which is essential to their mental and physical health. Now they are rebranding their catnip packaging to include information on the ADI Widllife Sanctuary! Our thanks to Kunduchi Pet Products for helping to raise awareness about ADIWS, our rescued animals, and our work.

A carousel for lions

Chino and Coco enjoy our latest addition to Kornberg Habitat at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, a carousel on which tires and boxes stuffed with catnip hang. The playful boys love chasing and grappling with their toys. The brothers were rescued from a tiny cage in a circus in Peru where there was nothing to stimulate their mind or body, and no room to stretch their legs. Now at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in their native Africa, they get to explore the 2.5-acre Kornberg Habitat and they are regularly treated to enrichment, which is so vital to their health and wellbeing.

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Catnip toys for lions

Rey A (from Ayacucho) gets stuck into a box stuffed with hay and catnip at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Filmed soon after Rey returned from hospital, you can see where he was shaved for an ultrasound. Rey and brother Simba were rescued from a circus in Peru and had not been apart until Rey was taken ill. The greeting the two lions gave each other when Rey returned was incredible and if you’ve not seen it, watch it here.

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Catnip time!

Big or small, all cats go crazy for it. Huge thanks to Kunduchi Pet Products, a company based in South Africa, for donating 10kg of catnip to provide our rescued lions and tigers fun enrichment. Enrichment and play are essential for keeping rescued animals physically and mentally healthy. Enjoy these photos of our ADI Wildlife Sanctuary residents enjoying catnip stuffed into boxes with teff. Which photo is your favorite?

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