ADI Wildlife Sanctuary – A place of loving kindness

GIVE THEM THE PURR-FECT CHRISTMAS! Help provide some festive joy to our rescued lions and tigers. Click here to donate toward holiday treats.

Providing a peaceful, secure refuge, the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary gives abused, rescued animals, respect and a life of loving kindness, as close as possible to what nature intended.

Set in 455 acres, the environmentally friendly sanctuary, with four natural wells, solar-powered state-of-the-art security fencing and solar water pumps bringing fresh spring water to auto-filling troughs to each habitat, our residents have space to roam free.

Later this year, we plan to start developing the J. Jarie Jensen Veterinary Center, where we will be able to treat animals within the sanctuary in order to avoid needing to transport them when they are sick. We also hope to benefit from visiting veterinary students and specialists from across the world.

As well as lifelong care for rescued animals, this sanctuary campaigns to change the world for animals, through education and public awareness. Our on-site Jean Warner Sprague Education Center teaches the next generation about the needs of animals and threats they face – helping animals today and into the future.

Assisting governments with strategic support and enforcement of animal protection laws, Animal Defenders International conducts large-scale animal seizures including removing ALL circus animals; we have emptied circuses in Bolivia and Peru and taken the first group of Colombia’s circus animals, following circus bans in those countries. We recently completed  Operation Liberty in Guatemala, which started in May 2018, where we had rescued 21 lions and tigers as part of our mission to assist the Guatemala government in enforcing the country’s ban on all animals in circuses. On January 21, 2020, we brought 17 of those lions and tigers here to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. These rescue operations have global impact, raising awareness worldwide, and encouraging other governments to act.

Donate now to support our new sanctuary for rescued circus animals, including our newest arrivals from Guatemala.

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