Solar power

Tarzan and Tanya bask in the sun’s last rays at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. As well as seeing two lions who escaped the misery of a circus in Guatemala to come home to their natural world in Africa, we are also seeing the greatest energy asset of the ADIWS go down for the day. This year, ADI is increasing its commitment to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change by making the entire sanctuary solar powered. Please support this and watch out for updates.

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Sunny with a side of shade

At the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, our residents enjoy freedom of choice. Here, ReyA opts to soak up some sun, while Simba chooses to snooze in the shade. The brothers were rescued by ADI from a circus in Peru, where they were confined to a tiny cage.

These A frames have been a big hit among our rescued lions and tigers who have received them so far (we hope to make more for all our residents). Lately, ReyA and Simba spend all day every day sleeping or relaxing in them – they can enjoy the shade while still seeing through them.

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Help keep them warm

Winter is coming in South Africa, where it can get very cold, sometimes with ice on the lake at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.
Hay bales are used to insulate the outdoor dens, which are also covered with conveyor belt rubber. Inside, a thick layer of nice soft teff grass. Although ADIWS residents have free access to their houses (heated for our seniors), they mainly like being out in their dens under their viewing platforms.

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Making a difference for animals

Enjoy this celebration of an incredible life. A chance encounter over 20 years ago between the ADI founders and a young Peruvian musician, Alexis Diaz Limaco, would change the course of his life and the lives of countless animals. The undercover investigations he took part in would lead to campaigns to end circus suffering across South America, circus animal bans in multiple countries and ADI’s huge rescues, saving hundreds of animals. Alexis passed away in April, enjoy this tribute to a colleague and friend and see the animals whose lives he helped transform. A reminder of how each of us can make a huge impact. Thank you Alexis.

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Worlds apart

These are sisters Africa and Kiara today in the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa, looking just like two lionesses should. It seems almost unimaginable that the cage in the second picture was their entire world for years in a circus in Peru. We took the second picture just after we had rescued them following Peru’s circus ban. Thanks to that ban no lions will ever be forced to live in the cage again and Africa and Kiara get to enjoy life in their natural world.


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Circus survivors from Latin America

These are the circus survivors from Latin America who made it home to Africa. In operations to enforce ban on animals in circuses in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Guatemala, ADI emptied the cages and rescued over 80 lions and tigers, most went to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, but also other sanctuaries. We currently have 30 of these warriors at ADIWS.

Today we say a huge lion-hearted thank you on their behalf, to Alexis Diaz Limaco, who passed away last week, who played an integral role saving them. These are the faces that say “campaigning for animals makes a real difference.”

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Home sweet home

Saved from a circus in Guatemala, we thought you might like to see how Tarzan and Tanya are settling into their new habitat at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. During our recent veterinary day, many of you saw Tarzan and Tanya moved to a new, larger home – the 2.5+ acre Augie Habitat. The lions were initially cautious about exploring and, inevitably, it was Tanya who stepped out to do initial reconnaissance. This picture, on Sunday evening shows the devoted couple enjoying their new love nest amongst the trees. That tiny, bare circus cage in Guatemala must seem a distant memory now in the golden glow of the African sun.

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Kimba and Tomas head into storm

Often just before a storm hits the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary following a hot day, several of the lions and tigers will get more active, appreciating the refreshing drop in temperature. Last week as storm clouds began to darken the skies, Tomas and Kimba headed to the most open part of their habitat and seemed to savor the changing weather – they faced into the wind, closing their eyes, smelling the air and letting it blow through their manes. The brothers were rescued from a circus in Guatemala and reunited at ADIWS, here, they looked utterly at one with their wild and natural environment.

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Family time

No one will forget the heart-rending scenes when the circus in Peru tore Kiara’s cubs from her, how she stared into the distance looking for them for days and the joy when ADI reunited the family. That was almost nine years ago. The family is as close as ever, cubs Mahla and Scarc have grown big and powerful and now it’s them that watch over Mom. This little sequence was taken a few days ago at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa with Mahla and Scarc either side of their proud mother, enjoying the African sunshine. If you are wondering where Aunt Amazonas is, she’s directly below them under the platform sleeping in the shade. Lions are social animals. Lions need each other.

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