Rey hospital update

Thank you to everyone who has been sending “Get Well” wishes to Rey Ayacucho, who is currently in hospital at the Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic. You will be pleased to know that Rey is looking much brighter and has regained some of his appetite. Lions are so stoic, as in the wild it is not safe to show any weakness, which is a big concern when one of our ADI Wildlife Sanctuary circus survivors starts looking unwell. Rey is under the watchful eye of Dr Peter Caldwell and will be having some tests, so we are all hoping for the best and seeing him back at the Sanctuary soon with his friend and brother Simba.

Rey was rescued from a circus in Ayacucho in the Andes, during ADI’s 2014-2015 operation to empty all of Peru’s circuses following the country’s ban on wild animal acts. Since then, no animals like Rey have suffered in circuses there. Campaigning for change really does transform the lives of the survivors, and ends the suffering for good.

Rey now lives happily at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, with more space and freedom than he had ever known in his previous life. He gets to choose where to lie, when to sleep, when to roar out to his friends across the Sanctuary (Rey is part of the noisiest lane of habitats, including Kesari, Coco, Chino and his Simba!)

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