Simba watches over ReyA

We understand the importance of social relationships for lions, so it was no surprise to see Simba watch over his brother ReyA as he recovered from sedation. Rey was examined by Dr Peter Caldwell after he developed a limp and was off his food. Simba sat at the door of their house until his brother was fully conscious. Rey is limping less now and has eaten a little more this week but remains subdued and we are all concerned. He is being closely monitored and Dr Caldwell is adapting his medication. WE ARE ALL HOPING REY WILL GET WELL SOON.

The brothers were rescued together from a circus in Ayacucho (hence his name Rey Ayacucho or ReyA) high in the Andes in Peru in 2014 and snuggled up together as the ADI team took them over the mountains through snow and sleet back to the ADI Temporary Rescue Unit near Lima. These days the boys enjoy life in their natural homeland in Guibord-Sprague Habitat at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa.

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