Easy and David reunited

Easy is back with companion David after her visit to the veterinary hospital. She is being treated for an ear infection and also had an examination by the ophthalmologist. Lions are very sociable cats and they were clearly pleased to be reunited. The pair rescued from different circuses in Colombia and Peru were brought together at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this year for companionship.

Lupe needs your love

Ex-circus tiger from Guatemala, Lupe, is now suffering the same damage because of her circus life, like her sisters Bimbi and Sombra. She is now having the same seizures we saw in her sisters and was taken to hospital for an MRI so that Dr Caldwell and his colleagues could establish the extent of the lesions on her brain and decide the next course of medication to hold off and minimise the seizures. This condition cannot be cured, but we can treat her to make her comfortable and give her as long as we can to enjoy the freedom of her habitat alongside her family. She is now back home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary following her scan.

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Iron recovered after dental surgery

Good to see Iron looking back to his usual magnificent self after over three hours of dental surgery at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary at the weekend. Dr Peter Caldwell was at the sanctuary on Saturday assessing the animals and giving vaccinations. Dr Gerhard Steenkamp performed three root canals, two extractions, repaired a fractured molar in Iron who was originally rescued from a circus in Colombia.

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Lion loyalty

Tarzan says “No” to food and meds until he sees his Tanya! Recently, Tarzan was unwell. Taking no chances, we took him to hospital. But he was miserable there and refused to eat or take his medication. The solution – bring his Tanya in early for her dental check! The couple were put together in the same hospital room. They were overjoyed to see each other, and Tarzan immediately took his meds, ate his dinner, and went straight to sleep, guarded by his Tanya! 

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Amazonas is home

Amazonas is settling back into life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Rescued by ADI from a circus in Peru eight years ago, lioness Amazonas recently had an eye removed by Dr Peter Caldwell due to a cataract combined with a collapse of the back of the eye. After a period using the house and feeding camp, with monitored visits from her family, Amazonas seems to have adapted well and is back enjoying Tohir Habitat.

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Indomitable Sasha

When Sasha was a tiny cub, the Guatemala circus owner decided to cut off her front toes, to prevent her claws growing. She would not be able to defend herself. The circuses don’t pay for veterinarians. She will have been torn, screaming, from her mother, her legs held tight, as her toes were cut off. Instead of cleanly cutting all the toes off, one toe was crushed. The injury was just left, and so baby Sasha developed a limp, her toe infected and painful. Six long years of pain later, the infection turned into cancer.

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Amazonas eye surgery

We reported earlier that Dr Caldwell had identified a serious eye problem for lioness Amazonas – a cataract combined with a collapse of the back of the eye, and she was taken into hospital. The ophthalmologist confirmed Dr Caldwell’s diagnosis and that the eye should be removed. We are all relieved and delighted that the surgery has been a success, our strong lady of the Amazon is recovering well and will be home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary soon.

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