Sun is resting

The incredibly lively Sun gets a little shut eye at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, but you know she’ll be playing again soon. Rescued from a circus in Guatemala, Sun lives with sisters Jade, Luna and Moon, known as the Spice Girls, they are four of the most playful animals we have ever rescued. And when it comes to toys like stacks of hay bales and giant catnip boxes, they are the most destructive. As winter approaches in South Africa, we will be adding hay bales for extra insulation around the dens for the lions and tigers. Each day the ADIWS team will be rebuilding the hay bales for the girls and each day they will tear them down and play with them. No wonder Sun needs to grab a rest when she can.

LOOK AFTER SUN WITH “BORN TO BE WILD” SHIRTS & MORE: You can help Sun and her sisters, and spread the word, with our “Born to be wild” T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and bags – available now, by popular demand in a range of new colors. All funds raised help us care for and rescue animals.

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