Help keep them warm

Winter is coming in South Africa, where it can get very cold, sometimes with ice on the lake at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.
Hay bales are used to insulate the outdoor dens, which are also covered with conveyor belt rubber. Inside, a thick layer of nice soft teff grass. Although ADIWS residents have free access to their houses (heated for our seniors), they mainly like being out in their dens under their viewing platforms.

Our big cats have personal preferences for the hay bales. Seniors like Simba like to snuggle down. The young tigers Max and Stripes and ‘Spice Girls’ sisters Jade, Luna, Sun and Moon sleep snugly at night and enjoy destroying the hay bales in the morning. The ADIWS team patiently rebuilds each day!

Please help keep them warm this winter. Can you help with a donation of R450 each (£18.50 / $23.50) to buy a teff bedding roll?

Donate UK £ | Donate US $

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