Help Ruben roar

Fantastic news – RUBEN’S EXPORT PERMIT HAS BEEN ISSUED and we have applied for his import permit!
We’re getting ever closer to moving this lonely lion to the safety of the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa, where, for the first time in five years, he’ll be able to interact with his own kind.

Ruben was the last animal left in an abandoned private zoo in the Artsakh region. Confined to a small cage, his roars went unanswered. Eventually, he gave up, giving only the occasional pitiful cry.

But Ruben’s life will be transformed when he joins the rescued big cat community at the #ADIWildlifeSanctuary – and we cannot wait to hear him ROAR!

Ruben is currently being cared for in a bear sanctuary in Armenia run by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife & Cultural Assets (FPWC). ADI is funding his care.

Even a small donation will help as we get closer to Ruben’s big move! Donate UK £ | Donate US $

One thought on “Help Ruben roar

  1. Fantastic News! He is in the final run-up to getting home. Crossing fingers that the final hurdle will be going a little faster.


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