Help keep them warm

Winter is coming in South Africa, where it can get very cold, sometimes with ice on the lake at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.
Hay bales are used to insulate the outdoor dens, which are also covered with conveyor belt rubber. Inside, a thick layer of nice soft teff grass. Although ADIWS residents have free access to their houses (heated for our seniors), they mainly like being out in their dens under their viewing platforms.

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Making a difference for animals

Enjoy this celebration of an incredible life. A chance encounter over 20 years ago between the ADI founders and a young Peruvian musician, Alexis Diaz Limaco, would change the course of his life and the lives of countless animals. The undercover investigations he took part in would lead to campaigns to end circus suffering across South America, circus animal bans in multiple countries and ADI’s huge rescues, saving hundreds of animals. Alexis passed away in April, enjoy this tribute to a colleague and friend and see the animals whose lives he helped transform. A reminder of how each of us can make a huge impact. Thank you Alexis.

To donate towards the Alexis Memorial appeal, for which donations will be doubled, thanks to a generous matching pledge: Donate UK £ | Donate US $

Circus survivors from Latin America

These are the circus survivors from Latin America who made it home to Africa. In operations to enforce ban on animals in circuses in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Guatemala, ADI emptied the cages and rescued over 80 lions and tigers, most went to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, but also other sanctuaries. We currently have 30 of these warriors at ADIWS.

Today we say a huge lion-hearted thank you on their behalf, to Alexis Diaz Limaco, who passed away last week, who played an integral role saving them. These are the faces that say “campaigning for animals makes a real difference.”

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Adopt Max and Stripes as an Easter gift

Rescued with their family from a circus in Guatemala at just six months old, Max and Stripes have their whole lives ahead of them – in freedom.

The boys have benefitted from a proper diet and are now huge, powerful, personalities with Max being the natural leader.

Easter is coming – symbolic of new life and beginnings – can you adopt our big boys and help secure their lifetime care? And what a great Easter gift!

Adopt US $ | Adopt UK £

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Sasha vs giant bag of catnip

Sasha tiger is having fun swinging on and tearing into a punch bag of catnip and hay, kindly provided by Kunduchi Pet Products. Before ADI rescued her from a circus in Guatemala, she was confined to a tiny bare cage, with no room to run or play. Now she is free to have fun. Watch out for a video of these antics coming soon.

To help us continue to provide enrichment to our rescues, which is essential to their mental and physical health: Donate US $ | Donate UK £

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Jade’s giant step

It was three years ago this week that Jade stepped from her travel crate at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary after an epic journey from Guatemala where she had been rescued from a circus. What must have been going through her mind? It proved to be a huge step into a new life for Jade (and indeed the 16 other tigers and lions who arrived with her). Our pictures give a glimpse of three years of racing around her habitat, causing trouble and playing with her sisters (the Spice Girls), lounging in her pools and exploring. A life transformed thanks to ADI supporters – and it began with that step three years ago. Thank you.

Friday’s patients doing fine

The lions and tigers who received veterinary treatment from Dr Peter Caldwell on Friday are all well and back enjoying life in their habitats. These pics were taken today.

Rey Ayacucho and brother Simba both had dental surgery from Professor Gerhard Steenkamp including extractions of damaged teeth and are receiving daily pain relief to prevent any discomfort. Both have had previous dental surgery on their broken teeth, smashed by circus workers. Rey Cusco was sedated for an examination of his front legs which are arthritic due to damage to the structure of his feet caused by cutting off the end of his toes to stop his claws growing, causing pain up his legs in each of the joints. Blood was taken to examine his inflammatory markers and his pain medication is being adapted. All three lions received vitamin injections. Tigers Max and Stripes were given vaccinations with drop out darts.

We hope everyone enjoyed our day of Facebook live broadcasts capturing a day of veterinary care at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

Art auction to help lonely lion Ruben

Featuring seven beautiful works of animal art, the Animal Art Auction for Animal Defenders International is an incredible opportunity to own, or give as a gift, a unique piece of artwork AND support ADI’s rescue work. The six artists featured have kindly donated their work for the animals so ALL funds raised will go to HELP THE WORLD’S LONELIEST LION GO HOME – if you like what you see, PLACE A BID STARTING SATURDAY! 

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