Veterinary day in pictures

Friday was an intense day with Dr Peter Caldwell and Professor Gerhard Steenkamp doing health and dental check-ups on seven lions: Rey Cusco, David, Tarzan, Tanya, Sasha Lioness, Kimba and Tomas. Rey Cusco and David had dental surgery. Tarzan, Tanya, Sasha Lioness, Kimba and Tomas all moved to new larger habitats. Everyone had recovered from sedation on Saturday and are eating again. If you missed them, you can check out the recordings of the live reports on our Facebook page.

The day showed a good sample of what is needed to care for these animals: The staff, lions houses with rooms for recovering animals, feeding camps and main habitats, the vehicles, feeding, and the veterinary care. Our veterinary care is currently sponsored by a generous anonymous donor, but you can see there are a lot of other costs (for example, two of our old bakkies/pickup trucks broke down during the operation). Your ongoing support after animals are rescued is hugely appreciated, thank you.

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