Veterinary day in pictures

Friday was an intense day with Dr Peter Caldwell and Professor Gerhard Steenkamp doing health and dental check-ups on seven lions: Rey Cusco, David, Tarzan, Tanya, Sasha Lioness, Kimba and Tomas. Rey Cusco and David had dental surgery. Tarzan, Tanya, Sasha Lioness, Kimba and Tomas all moved to new larger habitats. Everyone had recovered from sedation on Saturday and are eating again. If you missed them, you can check out the recordings of the live reports on our Facebook page.

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Friday’s patients doing fine

The lions and tigers who received veterinary treatment from Dr Peter Caldwell on Friday are all well and back enjoying life in their habitats. These pics were taken today.

Rey Ayacucho and brother Simba both had dental surgery from Professor Gerhard Steenkamp including extractions of damaged teeth and are receiving daily pain relief to prevent any discomfort. Both have had previous dental surgery on their broken teeth, smashed by circus workers. Rey Cusco was sedated for an examination of his front legs which are arthritic due to damage to the structure of his feet caused by cutting off the end of his toes to stop his claws growing, causing pain up his legs in each of the joints. Blood was taken to examine his inflammatory markers and his pain medication is being adapted. All three lions received vitamin injections. Tigers Max and Stripes were given vaccinations with drop out darts.

We hope everyone enjoyed our day of Facebook live broadcasts capturing a day of veterinary care at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary.

Iron recovered after dental surgery

Good to see Iron looking back to his usual magnificent self after over three hours of dental surgery at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary at the weekend. Dr Peter Caldwell was at the sanctuary on Saturday assessing the animals and giving vaccinations. Dr Gerhard Steenkamp performed three root canals, two extractions, repaired a fractured molar in Iron who was originally rescued from a circus in Colombia.

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