Smith getting better

We recently posted about Smith’s return to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary from hospital and his medications, to help with a gastric problem. Rey and Smith were delighted to see each other with much head bumping and rubbing. They settled in their huge habitat with Rey sitting by Smith as he continued to recover. Rey realized something was wrong with his friend and, over the next few days, became very protective of Smith, who had become a bit depressed. Rey would block and try and chase away the team who were giving Smith his meds – they are normally fed and medicated in separate rooms in the house but Smith couldn’t get in. It was very moving to see, but it was essential that Smith’s recovery did not falter, so to make sure Smith gets all his meds, we had to put them in separate parts of their habitat – they can still see each other.

Smith has been getting all his meds and getting better every day. Working at speed, the ADIWS team are nearing completion of a new permanent second feeding camp so that the boys can be right next to each other and touch each other, but Smith can have his food and medication. The vet will be checking regularly, and let’s hope Smith goes from strength to strength and will be back roaming their habitat together.

The boys were rescued from the same circus in Peru.  Smith was castrated in the circus and so has no mane.

If you’d like to help with the additional cost of this new feeding camp: Donate US $ | Donate UK £

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