Catnip toys for lions

Rey A (from Ayacucho) gets stuck into a box stuffed with hay and catnip at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Filmed soon after Rey returned from hospital, you can see where he was shaved for an ultrasound. Rey and brother Simba were rescued from a circus in Peru and had not been apart until Rey was taken ill. The greeting the two lions gave each other when Rey returned was incredible and if you’ve not seen it, watch it here.

Interestingly, when the boys got their toys, Simba was happy to let Rey have all the fun and just lay alongside him, just pleased his friend had come home. We are pleased to report that Rey’s mane is also continuing to grow back.

Thanks to Kunduchi Pet Products for donating catnip.

If you would like to donate toward more enrichment for our rescued lions and tigers to enjoy, click here.

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