Kesari and catnip

Something exciting has got Kesari up on his paws at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Here he is clearly enjoying the catnip donated by Kunduchi Pet Products in a total state of bliss. What do you think Kesari is thinking right now?

ADI stepped in to offer a safe home for Kesari after hearing that he was rejected from his pride at Pretoria Zoo. If he had been auctioned off, he could have ended up in the sights of a trophy hunter.

When he first arrived, Kesari was hesitant to step out of his travel crate and took a few days before leaving the feeding area and venturing out into his main Joan and Geoff Phillips Habitat. These days, he is much more confident and relaxed, as you can see, enjoying his life at ADIWS, with a variety of enrichment to keep him stimulated.

To donate towards more enrichment, essential for the mental and physical health of Kesari and our other big cats, click here.

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