Tarzan and Tanya are home

ADI Wildlife Sanctuary sweethearts Tarzan and Tanya are home, after a stay at the Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic for dental surgery and a partial lip lift for Tarzan. They arrived home just before sunset. Tanya headed out into the habitat while Tarzan settled down in his crate and watched the world go by as it grew dark! That’s ok, he could see Tanya and we are used to Tarzan’s very gentle pace. Tomorrow morning, they can get back to their normal routine.

The two lions were rescued from a circus in Guatemala, and dental issues are one of the most common problems we have to address with many of our rescued getting broken teeth after being hit in the face. Tarzan was also attacked by a tiger in the circus and his lip was torn away from his chin; it healed hanging down. Dr Caldwell and Dr Steenkamp were able to reduce the amount it drooped, closing his mouth a little.

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