Rolex was rescued from a circus in Peru and now lives at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary (ADIWS) in South Africa (home to lions and tigers rescued from circuses in Peru, Colombia and Guatemala – after those countries banned animals in circuses). He was rescued with brothers Chino and Coco and in the ADI Temporary Rescue Unit in Peru, the three were inseparable. Sadly, at a facility that held the lions in South Africa before they moved to ADIWS the boys became aggressive and fell out, and Rolex has been alone since. Chino and Coco are still together at ADIWS. Rolex is currently part of our Operation Lonely Hearts program to unite him with his sisters Kiara and Africa. Although from the same circus they have never lived together.

It is a slow and cautious process and the trickiest of our introductions as it involves three lions. The lions are being given natural ‘love’ hormone oxytocin to boost the chances of a successful integration. The three are rotating in the main 5-acre Davis habitat and being fed and given treats alongside each other in different rooms in their house. Here’s hoping Rolex finds companionship.

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