Lions and tigers play ball

Our custom made lion and tiger balls from Robust a Ball have arrived at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary and Kesari, Sasha tiger, Chino and Coco have been the first to have a ball! Sasha lioness has been enjoying our prototype of the new size for the past couple of weeks. For Sasha lioness, it is even more than enrichment, it is great physiotherapy for her leg, which has a titanium scaffold after diseased bone was removed.

Our habitats are large at the ADIWS, giving the lions and tigers space to explore, run, and play, but enrichment like this is still vital for keeping them engaged mentally and physically. You can support treats, toys and enrichment for the animals.

Watch our Facebook Live video featuring Jade, Luna, Sun and Moon getting some new toys but playing rather lazily having had a late supper that day. You might be able to see Lupe playing with a ball in the pool of her feeding camp.

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