David and Easy together

Yes, David and Easy, the first of our Lonely Hearts Lions, are together. The door between their rooms in their house at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa was slowly opened and the two lions rubbed heads and then walked out to their feeding camp. It has been a slow and careful process, where David, rescued from a circus in Peru, and Easy, rescued from a circus in Colombia, have been brought close to each other and received a spray of the hormone to encourage feelings of friendship towards each other. Both were very gentle and respectful of each other, with David edging closer and closer to Easy. For a day, Easy seemed to feign disinterest in David – she didn’t seem too impressed when he started to show off, even seeming to do pull-ups! But if he walked away, she would immediately go to find him. We have been monitoring them around the clock and they have been sleeping in the same night room. Today, it is clear they have bonded as friends. They are no longer alone.

Our pictures show them in the house and feeding camp, and now, they have free access to their nearly 4-acre Camo Habitat.

We continue to work on reuniting Rolex with sisters Africa and Kiara and then, we will bring together Bumba and Iron.

You can watch the Facebook Live video featuring the new pair here.

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