Bolillo is home from hospital

Bolillo returned from hospital to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary yesterday with a new treatment regime for his arthritis and is moving around Augie Habitat more comfortably. Bolillo was rescued from a circus in Colombia seven years ago, where he and another lion had lived in a space the size of a queen-sized bed for almost a decade. With poor food, no exercise and living on urine-soaked boards, little wonder arthritis and other ailments catch up with these lions in later life.

Unfortunately, Zeus (from the same circus), remains in hospital and his situation is more serious. Suffering from spondylitis and irreversible degenerative neuropathy, again all related to his former circus life, is causing Zeus to lose the use of his hind legs. There is no cure, so vet Dr Caldwell is doing what he can. Please keep lovely Zeus in your thoughts.

Zeus pictured in hospital

We accept that saving animals from extremely abusive situations will likely mean health challenges and heartbreakingly shortened lives. The tigers we rescued from Guatemala, despite being younger, have been beset with health issues as a result malnutrition and in-breeding in the circus.

We must just do our best to give all these animals something of the life they lost and remember that every extra day, week, month, or year of freedom is worth the battle.

In addition to the best possible veterinary care, your support is helping us provide the facilities to look after these damaged animals – such as heated houses with separate rooms for isolation and observation, and everything needed for rehabilitation. THANK YOU.

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