Two senior lions in hospital

Please send your love to Colombian boys Bolillo and Zeus from the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary who are currently in Dr Peter Caldwell’s hospital under observation. The 16-year old lions were rescued by ADI from the same circus in Colombia seven years ago, where they suffered appalling conditions. This year, the past seems to be catching up with several of the lions we saved in Colombia.

Bolillo was taken into hospital for x-rays and examination after being unsteady on his feet. He has kidney problems and arthritis in his front legs – hard for a lion because so much weight is carried there. Dr Caldwell has prescribed new medications and supplements to manage his conditions and keep him comfortable. We hope to see him enjoying his Augie habitat again, next week. Bolillo will need close observation; there is no cure and his movement is expected to deteriorate over time. Sadly, he will not be fit enough to move in with his ex-circus friend Iron, as we had all hoped.

For Zeus, this is a return to hospital as he battles ongoing joint and neurological problems. One morning this week, he lost use of his hind legs. Dr Caldwell immediately adjusted his medication. Both Bolillo and Zeus love their food, so getting them to take medication is rarely a problem! The speed of improvement was incredible, with Zeus soon back on his feet. Nevertheless, Dr Caldwell had the ADIWS team load Zeus and bring him to the Old Chapel Hospital where will have X-rays early next week as his treatment regime is evaluated. We are all hoping that Zeus will soon be back with his friend Bumba in Sam&Eric Habitat.

Caring for animals rescued from abuse is always a challenge because of in-breeding, abuse and malnutrition. This has been a difficult 12 months, with our Colombian lions entering their twilight years and their bodies showing wear and tear from their previous lives. We are also seeing health issues with the Guatemalan rescues; despite being relatively young, many of the twelve tigers have been beset from all sides by various health issues.

THANK YOU for helping us to continue to do our best to give animals like Bolillo and Zeus a comfortable life under the African sun, with freedom of choice and the veterinary care they need.

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