Sombra relaxing in hospital after seizure scare

The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary team leapt into action when Sombra appeared to have had a seizure.  Slightly unsteady on her feet she was enticed into a travel crate and our veterinarian Dr Caldwell, arranged an MRI to check her brain. GOOD NEWS: Sombra’s MRI is clear of seizure damage, but she has been put on seizure medication and will have to be monitored. 

THE LONG-TERM EFFECTS OF CIRCUS SUFFERING:  The poor circus diet fed to this tiger family lacked important vitamins – this, and inbreeding, resulted in poor development as cubs, so the nerves at the base of their skulls are restricted. This causes the seizures. Tragically, this led to dear Bimbi passing away. It’s a relief that Sombra’s MRI did not reveal the same level of damage as Bimbi. In daughters Jade and Luna, the problem shows in their unnatural gait on their front legs. 

Now, Sombra has enjoyed her time in hospital, is feeling better, and should be coming home soon. 

HELP BUILD HOSPITAL ROOMS FOR OUR RESCUED BIG CATS.  Sombra’s condition is a reminder of just how important it is to be able to separate and isolate our animals so that they can be hospitalized, monitored and medicated. We are building separate rooms inside all of our lion and tiger houses. There is just ONE WEEK TO GO for our fundraiser to build the rooms for Itza and his sons Max and stripes – we are halfway to our target!  

The great news is that ADIWS Founder Letizia Kornberg will match this fundraiser. 

That means if we can hit our target WE CAN BUILD THE ROOMS FOR JADE, SUN, MOON, AND LUNA AS WELL!!  Please help, these rooms are so important for the long-term care of these animals.  

Donate today and help twice as many tigers!

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