Tanya sleeping blissfully

The lions and tigers remained relaxed during the wildfire at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Many supporters have asked how stressed the animals were as the ADIWS team frantically fought the fire that surged into the sanctuary. We are pleased to say they remained very calm and were easily led to their safe zones. Some watched the team fighting the fire on the hillside, Sasha lioness kept playing with her toys, others seemed unaware of the drama unfolding. The ADIWS team, on the other hand, were very stressed indeed! The fire was extinguished yards from Tarzan and Tanya’s habitat – Tanya pictured sleeping blissfully here – but thanks to the heroic efforts of our team and our neighbors who helped fight the blaze, this was subdued and not the wall of flames that entered the sanctuary.

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Rey Cusco & Smith: Brothers in Africa

Rescued by ADI from a circus in the city of Cusco, Peru, are thriving in the world nature intended for them at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. The two endured a brutal circus life, deprived of their physical and psychological needs as they lived on bare boards in a tiny cage. Smith is a huge male, but lacks a mane because he was castrated in the circus. At the Sanctuary, they receive proper nutrition, veterinary care, vital enrichment such as catnip-infused hay boxes, and ample space to roam, relax and play in an environment as close to what nature intended.

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Phase 1 of our roads project complete

The summer rains this year left our dirt roads between our lion and tiger habitats damaged, churned up, and often impassable. Our habitats cover over 60 acres and are connected by almost two miles of dirt roads which are used several times a day to deliver food, medications and enrichment for the animals, for cleaning and maintenance, and security/welfare checks. Good roads are essential to the welfare of our residents and for any emergencies like fighting wildfires and getting a resident to the hospital if needed.

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Lonely Hearts: Rolex, Africa and Kiara

Sometimes you want your own space! ROLEX (10 years) and sisters AFRICA (10) and KIARA (15), rescued from a circus in Peru, have made it clear they like things as they are! In their shared home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa, they enjoy sitting and even sleeping close to each other on opposite sides of the fence, but don’t want to live in the same space. Although we were able to get the lions together a few times, it was clear that Africa and Kiara are just too close for another to join their group. We are pleased we explored this for several weeks and now understand the relationship the lions like. So, we will split the habitat into two; they can all enjoy a main habitat, platforms, dens, a feeding camp, and night house. They will be right next to each other and can communicate, maybe rub through the fence if they want, but in their own space.

SPECIAL APPEAL – can you donate to give Rolex his own pad, next to his sisters?