Help complete Itza’s tiger house for Father’s Day

Help with the perfect Father’s Day gift for Itza. The rescued lions and tigers love their large natural habitats to explore, play in and disappear from sight. However, our lion and tiger houses provide more than a warm place to sleep, they enable us to hospitalise, monitor and treat sick animals, or to simply separate animals at feeding time.

Iron is currently test driving the rooms in his house and once we know everything is working perfectly, we will be moving in Bolillo to begin their reintroduction process with protected contact (Iron and Bolillo knew each other in the circus). The rooms are connected by mesh drop gates, there are chute feeders for safe feeding, water troughs, and access doors for cleaning.

Bolillo and Iron can communicate, rub together through the mesh, eat and sleep alongside each other, while occupying separate rooms. We can also swap them into each other’s rooms to share scent. We will monitor to see whether they would like to be friends.

Can you help us raise raise $3,000/£2,100 to build the rooms inside Itza’s house? We also hope that this will enable us to reunite Itza and sons Max and Stripes with Sombra and Lupe. We need to be able to separate the females for medication because they have previously had seizures. The recent heartbreaking loss of Bimbi due to brain damage caused by poor nutrition and in-breeding at the circus, is a reminder of the legacy of health issues from their previous lives.

The five tigers will be able to roam the biggest of our tiger territories together, but it is essential we are able to separate them, especially Sombra and Lupe, for feeding and monitoring.

Can you help with these essential facilities for a lifetime of care and ensure we hit our target for Father’s Day?

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