Sasha gets a new play center

Sasha is not quite sure what to choose – her new play center, Robust-a-balls, or melons.

The indomitable Sasha was rescued from a circus in Guatemala where they cut off her toes to prevent the claws growing, but one was crushed, her leg got infected. When ADI rescued her six years later, she had a permanent limp, the infection had turned into cancer and moved up her leg.

At ADIWS, our veterinarian performed groundbreaking surgery, replacing the diseased bone with a titanium implant.

Sasha is now cancer and pain free, but her leg tendons have contracted due to a lifetime of limping. To help build other features for Sasha’s physiotherapy for her leg, make a donation TODAY and it will be doubled, thanks to a generous matching pledge.

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One thought on “Sasha gets a new play center

  1. Where’s Rubin, the stunningly beautiful lion that you said you were bringing to ADI’s comfort in March?
    You have not!
    We haven’t heard one update.
    Where is he?
    Again, where is Rubin?
    Where is he?


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