Easy taking it easy

Beautiful Easy, rescued from a circus in Colombia, and now taking it easy at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. At 17 years old, she is one of our senior lions. Like many of the lions rescued by ADI from circuses in Colombia and Peru in 2014, Easy is developing cataracts, often instigated by years of malnutrition early in life, but this is not causing her problems exploring Camo Habitat with companion David. The two were the first success story of our program to bring lonely lions together and are clearly loving life together.

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Here comes the summmer!

Yes, while many ADI supporters are wrapping up for winter, today is the second day of summer at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. It’s the time of year when Africa, pictured, and the other lions and tigers sprawl out and snooze in the morning sunshine on their platforms. Only when it gets really hot will she head to the shade under the trees, below the platform or in her house. Saved from a circus in Peru, we can’t turn back the clock but we can give animals like Africa a life as close to what nature intended for her. Today, that means lazing in the African sunshine and as the day cools and the sun sets, patrolling Davis Habitat with sister Kiara2.

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PS: The Giving Tuesday target of Phase 1 to bring Ruben, the Armenian lion, to the sanctuary has been hit. THANK YOU

Playful Sasha

Sasha was rescued by ADI from a Guatemalan circus where her front toes were cut off to prevent her claws growing, crushing one toe in the process, which became infected and turned into cancer. Once at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa, Sasha underwent groundbreaking surgery, which involved replacing diseased bone with a titanium implant. Although now pain- and cancer-free, the tendons in her leg are contracted due to a lifetime of limping, so we are providing her with ongoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation – this tire filled with catnip, kindly provided by Kunduchi Pet Products – perfect to help keep this playful lioness mobile and her spirits high.

Tanya sleeping blissfully

The lions and tigers remained relaxed during the wildfire at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Many supporters have asked how stressed the animals were as the ADIWS team frantically fought the fire that surged into the sanctuary. We are pleased to say they remained very calm and were easily led to their safe zones. Some watched the team fighting the fire on the hillside, Sasha lioness kept playing with her toys, others seemed unaware of the drama unfolding. The ADIWS team, on the other hand, were very stressed indeed! The fire was extinguished yards from Tarzan and Tanya’s habitat – Tanya pictured sleeping blissfully here – but thanks to the heroic efforts of our team and our neighbors who helped fight the blaze, this was subdued and not the wall of flames that entered the sanctuary.

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Sasha plays ball

Sasha plays with her Robust-a-Ball at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. Fun for Sasha and important physiotherapy for a lioness with a titanium implant in her leg. Sasha suffered a traumatic declawing process, crushing a toe, as a cub in a Guatemalan circus. It became infected and turned into cancer.After ADI rescued her, veterinarian Peter Caldwell performed groundbreaking surgery, replacing diseased leg bone with a titanium plate. Sasha’s original limp is still evident, due to contracted tendons – a legacy of years of limping in the circus, but she is now pain and cancer free. Enrichment, like these balls, is vital for keeping animals physically and mentally healthy.

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