Smith still in hospital but getting stronger

Smith is responding to treatment at Old Chapel Veterinary Hospital in Dr Peter Caldwell’s care and seems to be regaining his strength now. He enjoys sunning himself in the tunnel outside his hospital room and happily takes his medications out there (third pic). Good news is that he is eating 4kg a day. We can’t wait to get our big old boy back to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary but want to get him back to his old self.

We are so grateful to an anonymous donor who has supported the ADIWS veterinary costs. With the background of these animals and the fact that many are getting older now, this would have been a very difficult challenge without their help. Please remember that it is often the day to day, long term care of animals, feeding, transport, staff to look after them etc, for the years after they have been rescued that pose the biggest challenge for ourselves and indeed many sanctuaries.

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