Circus survivors from Latin America

These are the circus survivors from Latin America who made it home to Africa. In operations to enforce ban on animals in circuses in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Guatemala, ADI emptied the cages and rescued over 80 lions and tigers, most went to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, but also other sanctuaries. We currently have 30 of these warriors at ADIWS.

Today we say a huge lion-hearted thank you on their behalf, to Alexis Diaz Limaco, who passed away last week, who played an integral role saving them. These are the faces that say “campaigning for animals makes a real difference.”

Thank you Alexis from: Africa, Amazonas, Bumba, Chino, Coco, David, Easy, Jade, Kiara from Cusco, Kiara from Piura, Kimba, Leo, Luna, Lupe, Mahla, Max, Moon, Rey Ayacucho, Rey Cusco, Rolex, Sasha Tiger, Sasha Lioness, Scarc, Simba, Smith, Stripes, Sun, Tanya, Tarzan, and Tomas.

In memoriam donations for this inspirational member of our team will go towards care of these animals he saved and a habitat at ADIWS in his name.

Donate UK £ | Donate US $

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