Smith in hospital

Please send your thoughts and love to Smith, who is back in hospital. We were so pleased when Smith appeared to have bounced back after a slow recovery from a gastric infection, and was reunited with his brother Rey Cusco. Sadly, Smith’s condition deteriorated again, he stopped eating so we quickly got him back to Dr Caldwell at Old Chapel Veterinary Clinic. The pictures today show Smith is already looking brighter, and has eaten a little. He is having tests to find out what the problem is, so Smith will remain under observation for a while. We are all concerned but hoping for the best.

Back at ADIWS, Rey seems much calmer about Smith’s absence this time, he spent the morning sitting at the far end of his habitat opposite his son Scarc, in the next door habitat.

Get well soon Smith so that we can bring you home.

Smith was rescued by ADI from a circus in Peru where he was castrated, that is why he has no mane.

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