Checking out the new neighbors

Since being brought together during Operation Lonely Hearts at ADIWS last year, David and Easy (from circuses in Peru and Colombia respectively) are almost always together. Especially, in the evenings when they are currently fascinated by their new neighbors on Coville Lane from Guatemala.

During our recent veterinary day, Sasha Lioness was moved alongside them and Tomas and Kimba on the other side of her habitat (they have an adjoining fence so that the three from the same circus in Guatemala can be close). Easy is fascinated by Sasha, while David tends to monitor the boys at a distance – that’s why they are staring in different directions in the first pic.

So far, the Guatemalan lions have been more interested in exploring their new homes than who is next door. Still, it’s more enrichment for David and Easy (Lion TV) and we love that they are nearly always at each other’s side.

To adopt this lovely pair: Adopt US $ | Adopt UK £

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