Smith in hospital, Iron improving

Dr Peter Caldwell visited the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary after concerns about 11 year old Smith who had stopped eating and 17 year old Iron who was limping, eating less, and had stopped roaring. Iron has responded well to a change in his arthritis medication, is regaining his appetite, walking much better and he is roaring like his old self. Iron’s teeth were examined and he will be in our next round of dental work. We remain concerned about the lovely Smith as it is very unusual for him not to eat and he appears nauseous. He is under observation at Old Chapel Veterinary Hospital and scheduled for x-rays, an ultrasound and further blood tests. Send him your love, we all hope that he will be well and back with brother Rey Cusco soon.

Smith is a huge, castrated lion who became internationally famous when, in a stupid and irresponsible circus act in Peru, he leapt onto an audience member and dragged her around the ring. The circus had brought her into the ring cage for Smith to leap over. Smith had obviously been chosen for the act for his friendly, docile nature but it highlighted why wild animals should never be used for entertainment. Smith’s actions did however mean that ADI, who had already removed half the animals from the circus, were able to rescue the remaining animals, lions Smith, Mahla and Scarc and spider monkey Pepe.

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