Ruben’s first steps towards freedom

15-year-old Ruben, the lonely lion in Armenia, has been moved out of the zoo and into a temporary quarantine facility at in an Armenian sanctuary, so we can start the process of relocating him to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. The first stage of his rescue is under way!

Read here: RUBEN HEALTH UPDATE (January 23, 2023)

Poor Ruben has been living in a closed zoo for five years. The other animals were removed, but Ruben was left behind. It is hard to imagine Ruben’s loneliness. If he roared, nobody answered. Can you imagine being entirely alone and not hearing a human voice for five long years? Nobody who understands you. The only world you have ever known is concrete and bars, just a few feet wide. Seeing life outside carrying on, the world passing you by.

Ruben has a new chance at life at ADIWS. He can walk and roll about on grass, feel the sun on his back, the wind through his mane, rub on trees or watch the views from his platforms. He will see and hear the wild inhabitants like ground squirrels, mongoose, rabbits, hares, birds like ibis, who share his habitat. And when Ruben roars, someone will roar back

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped so far. ADI is funding Ruben’s care in Armenia – food, veterinary, vaccinations, parasite treatment, export and import requirements, removal from the zoo and ground transport and we are preparing a habitat at ADWS.

Now we need you to help to go the distance for Ruben. Our biggest challenges lie ahead: Relocation to South Africa and care for life. PLEASE HELP RUBEN.

3 thoughts on “Ruben’s first steps towards freedom

  1. Yeah for beautiful Ruben.
    Free at last,
    Free at last,
    Thanks to ADI, Ruben is going to be FREE at Last.
    Merry Christmas Ruben.
    Thank you again ADI.


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