Saved from pet trade and back to the wild

Yesterday, two wild tortoises were released at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary to begin a new life that could last many, many years. The tortoises had been illegally taken from the wild and were being offered for sale as pets on the internet, when the SPCA stepped in to save them. The SPCA asked ADIWS to take the animals and release them on our 455 acre sanctuary where we already have wild tortoises roaming. A happy ending for two lucky tortoises.

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Ruben getting his passport

Thanks to your support, Ruben is a step closer to a new life at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa. We are counting the days! At the bear sanctuary run by Armenia’s Foundation for the Protection of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), under the care of Dr Harut Hovhannisyon, Ruben was sedated for his vaccinations, microchip and parasite treatment so that we can apply for his Armenia export permit and South Africa import permit. While having his procedures, they decided to give him a little tidy up, grooming his mane and cutting out some dead hair. All ready and handsome for his new home!

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Help Ruben roar and hear the roars of others

Ruben was in a private zoo in Armenia which closed, the other animals were removed but Ruben was left behind. His world went silent. For over five years Ruben’s roars have gone unanswered. He has now been moved to Armenia’s Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife & Cultural Assets bear sanctuary, where ADI is funding his care in a quarantine unit. He has just been microchipped, had the necessary vaccinations and blood tests required for international travel. Dr Harutyn Hovhannisyan is working with Dr Peter Caldwell to establish a regime to prepare him for his journey and provide any necessary pain relief.

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Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at ADI, and a HUGE THANK YOU for everything that you have helped us achieve in the past year from awareness and education campaigns to securing new laws to rescuing and caring for animals. For Thanksgiving this week, the lions and tigers at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary have been enjoying special melon treats. This gallery gives a taste of the fun they have been having.

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The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary team was pleased to help with the release of two tigers at the new Isindile Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. We donated two of our Guatemala travel crates to the new sanctuary.

Three weeks ago, the team from Isindile spent a day at ADIWS training with Johannes, Jan, and Lefaso covering food preparation, husbandry, feeding and safety protocols. The ADIWS team discussed the personalities of the lion and tiger residents at ADIWS and their different needs. We hope by helping another new sanctuary, we can contribute to the welfare of other rescued animals.

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Father of the pride

With Father’s Day on Sunday, we salute the Father of our ADI Wildlife Sanctuary Pride, 19-year old Leo. 

We know that Leo and partner Muñeca are parents to at least five lions living at the sanctuary: Rolex, Coco, Chino, Africa and KiaraP.  But it could be several more. Before they were rescued by ADI, Leo and Muñeca were owned by a circus in Peru, which was breeding and supplying almost every circus in the country. So, Leo could also be the daddy of Rey Cusco, KiaraC, Smith and Amazonas, and Grand Daddy to Mahla and Scarc – as some Peruvian officials believed. 

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