Brothers together for Christmas

It’s the news we have all been waiting for: Lions Kimba and Tomas are together! The boys were born in the same circus in Guatemala but are not believed to have been together before.

When Guatemala banned animals in circuses, Tomas was handed over to a zoo and a few months later ADI arrived in Guatemala and removed all of the remaining lions from the circus. Kimba would be heading to a new life in Africa but Tomas seemed to have missed out. Then, the ADI Temporary Rescue Unit received a call that the zoo no longer had room for Tomas and he would be dropped off in the next 25 minutes! Space was hastily prepared for him and 18 months later both lions were on a flight to the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa.

Months of careful preparation have gone into the integration with the boys rotating in the same spaces, eating, separated, alongside each other and receiving doses of the natural ‘love’ hormone oxytocin before enjoying treats and toys in separate rooms in the house. Once the brothers were released into the same area they quickly settled and slept snuggled up together. They are currently being observed day and night in their feeding camp and house, they have generally stayed close to each other, and will be released into the main Augie Habitat in the coming days.


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