Easy in hospital

ADI Wildlife Sanctuary responded quickly when Easy’s head began to tilt to one side and we took her straight to the Old Chapel Veterinary Hospital for a check-up. Good news is that Dr Caldwell quickly diagnosed an ear infection which is being treated and the symptoms are already disappearing.

Ophthalmologist Dr Paul Burger also examined her eyes. Like many of the lions rescued by ADI from circuses in Colombia and Peru in 2014, Easy is developing cataracts. These are often instigated by years of malnutrition in the circus early in life and we do our best with healthy food and supplements to hold them at bay. At present Easy has 10-20 % vision in her right eye and 70% in her left. This is not causing her problems exploring Camo Habitat with David.

Send Easy your love. We hope to have pictures of her back with David tomorrow.

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