The ADI Wildlife Sanctuary team was pleased to help with the release of two tigers at the new Isindile Big Cat Sanctuary in South Africa. We donated two of our Guatemala travel crates to the new sanctuary.

Three weeks ago, the team from Isindile spent a day at ADIWS training with Johannes, Jan, and Lefaso covering food preparation, husbandry, feeding and safety protocols. The ADIWS team discussed the personalities of the lion and tiger residents at ADIWS and their different needs. We hope by helping another new sanctuary, we can contribute to the welfare of other rescued animals.

In another sanctuary collaboration, last month ADI President Jan Creamer spoke at the Big Cat Sanctuary Alliance Annual Conference in St Louis, Missouri about ADI’s successful large-scale international rescues, following circus bans. Jan outlined the importance of these missions to end circus suffering but, also, the huge challenges of setting up a Temporary Rescue Unit (TRU) in another country. She described the processes of moving rescued animals internationally (which can take up to a year) and the specific problems ADI faced in Guatemala – threats, abuse, attempts to seize the animals, even an emergency evacuation of the TRU. ADI worked with Big Cat Rescue on the operation in Guatemala, they homed three tigers.

With the rise of pseudo sanctuaries, true sanctuaries need to work together to set and raise standards and expose those who call themselves sanctuaries but use animals for entertainment. Working together and mutual support is more important than ever.

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