Help keep David and Easy safer

Saved from circuses in Colombia and Peru, Easy and David came together in Africa at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. The pair were brought together after Easy lost her sister Shakira, as part of our Operation Lonely Hearts, using careful introduction techniques. These days, they are never too far apart in the almost 4-acre Camo Habitat.

As well as giving the animals a wonderful life, as close to nature as possible, their safety is one of our priorities. The recent wildfire that swept into the Sanctuary damaged our perimeter fences, solar panels, equipment, two vehicles, as well as a solar panel and energizer that pumps water from one of our wells to the animal habitats. A huge thank you to everyone who has been donating to help us repair and rebuild – over $4,000 has been raised on Facebook enabling us to get the most urgent repairs underway. We still need to raise more in order to implement more fire prevention measures. Everyone remains in shock at the speed the fire surged into the sanctuary – despite that our team have fought many wildlfires elsewhere – we want to ensure we can defeat fires even faster by adding sprinkler/soaker systems. Please give what you can – every bit adds up and keeps animals like David and Easy safer – and help spread the word.

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