Lupe needs your love

Ex-circus tiger from Guatemala, Lupe, is now suffering the same damage because of her circus life, like her sisters Bimbi and Sombra. She is now having the same seizures we saw in her sisters and was taken to hospital for an MRI so that Dr Caldwell and his colleagues could establish the extent of the lesions on her brain and decide the next course of medication to hold off and minimise the seizures. This condition cannot be cured, but we can treat her to make her comfortable and give her as long as we can to enjoy the freedom of her habitat alongside her family. She is now back home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary following her scan.

Sadly, the members of the Guatemala tiger family we rescued in 2018 have suffered multiple health issues due to life in the circus – poor, vitamin deficient food, malnutrition, inbreeding and abuse. Lack of proper nutrition at a young age, results in nerve and spine malformations which trigger the seizures and damage the brain. The latest test results will mean we can give Lupe the best possible medicines and supplements to help her enjoy life for as long as possible.

CAN YOU HELP LUPE TODAY? We are very grateful to an anonymous donor who is funding our veterinary costs for the current year, however Lupe will also need adaptations to her environment to keep her safe – to make the pool safe with minimal risk and extra care and monitoring.

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