Leo watches over Muñeca when she gets sick

19-year-old Muñeca is now in Old Chapel Veterinary Hospital after she became lethargic and stopped eating. Leo clearly realized something was wrong and stood by his adored Muñeca, encouraging and wrapping his legs around her. A reminder of just how important social bonds are to lions.

19-year-old Leo was the first animal rescued during ADI’s operation to empty the circuses following Peru’s ban. However, the circuses blocked the removal of the lionesses and escaped into hiding. Months later, ADI tracked them down, saving Muñeca and daughters Africa and Kiara. Leo and Muñeca were reunited and flew with 31 other lions to South Africa where they now live at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Leo and Muñeca are always together, roaming their 4-acre Abbey Habitat.

Please send your love to Muñeca and Leo. We are pleased to say that she is now eating and the ADIWS team are giving Leo extra treats and attention.

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