Phase 1 of our roads project complete

The summer rains this year left our dirt roads between our lion and tiger habitats damaged, churned up, and often impassable. Our habitats cover over 60 acres and are connected by almost two miles of dirt roads which are used several times a day to deliver food, medications and enrichment for the animals, for cleaning and maintenance, and security/welfare checks. Good roads are essential to the welfare of our residents and for any emergencies like fighting wildfires and getting a resident to the hospital if needed.

Thanks to ADI supporters and a matching gift of $10,000 from Dr Lo Sprague, we have a massive project underway. We are halfway through – many main roads now have a compacted grit substrate, and only need the gravel top layer. Roads which remain to be done are those around the tiger habitats and the largest task of all, building the bridge on the road up to Sasha tiger, which crosses the largest natural watercourse and floods every season. The bridge will go over pipes which carry the water along its natural course across the lower part of Sasha’s habitat (we’ll create a couple of natural pools for her on our way), where it flows into the lake. For this one, we need dry weather!

WE MUST FINISH THE JOB.  It is essential we complete before the next rains, so that the good work we’ve done is not destroyed. That gives us a four-month window to get the job done. We have the base for our roads but they will not last long without proper surfacing if we get a lot of rain.

This is a huge project, so to help us get over the finish line, an anonymous donor has generously offered a SECOND MATCHING GIFT of $10,000!

CAN YOU CHIP IN TO HELP US HIT OUR FINAL GOAL? Every contribution helps, even $5 and $10 donations add up!  

If you are able to make a substantial donation of $4,000 or more, you will be able to name a road and we will erect a road sign with your chosen name. Can you do a special fundraiser with friends and family?

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