Amazonas eye surgery

We reported earlier that Dr Caldwell had identified a serious eye problem for lioness Amazonas – a cataract combined with a collapse of the back of the eye, and she was taken into hospital. The ophthalmologist confirmed Dr Caldwell’s diagnosis and that the eye should be removed. We are all relieved and delighted that the surgery has been a success, our strong lady of the Amazon is recovering well and will be home at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary soon.

11-year-old Amazonas is a member of the Cusco family, rescued from a circus in Cusco, Peru, in August 2014 during two aggressive standoffs where the circus fought to keep the animals and riot police were called in.

Her brother Smith was briefly the most famous lion in the world, when, distressed after the removal of Amazonas, Kiara and his brother Rey from the circus, he jumped on a member of the audience and dragged her around the ring. The circus briefly managed to hold onto Smith and Kiara’s cubs, but we soon got them all and reunited Amazonas and the cubs with their family.

Now, Smith and Rey live next door to Amazonas, Kiara and grown-up cubs Scarc and Mahla at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary in their natural, 6+ acre habitats. In the early mornings, the family is frequently found snoozing alongside the fences.

Can you help us to keep feeding and caring for Amazonas and her large family?

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