Simba sunbathing

Simba basks in the sunshine at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary. Simba is only 14 years old, but his bandy, hind legs which are distorted with arthritis make him look older – it’s a common ailment amongst rescued circus lions due to severe confinement and lack of exercise and living on urine soaked boards for years. Supporters will recall that in January he had a full check up at the sanctuary by Dr Caldwell who undertook one of his regular reviews of Simba’s medication to keep him comfortable. It’s now autumn/fall in South Africa with winter a couple of months away, during which Simba will appreciate the solar powered heated floor in his house in Guibord-Sprague Habitat (we are also adding a heat-lamp for extra warmth this year). Simba is also able to snuggle up with his brother Rey who was rescued from the same circus in Ayacucho in the Andes mountains in Peru. Thankfully Rey A does not have such bad arthritis.

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