Sun: All grown up

None of us can forget those tiny tigers Sun and Moon rescued in the summer of 2018 from a circus in Guatemala. For the ADI team a traumatic 18 months followed. It would take another six months to finally rescue the remaining tigers in the same circus, the Temporary Rescue Unit (that the ADI team had been ordered to use) was plagued with difficulties. It was appallingly located, taking hours to reach, trucks bringing animals got stuck, veterinary visits were blocked, it even ran out of water and local sugar farmers helped out. Then came the threats and two attempted invasions by mobs. Finally, heaping huge extra costs on the rescue, an emergency relocation was needed as unscrupulous individuals attempted to get control of the animals.

But for Sun and Moon it was fun, fun, fun. The first time she ran and played on grass, her first toys (charging around with a big catnip and hay sack), those first amazing moments when Sun and Moon plunged into the pool together, being reunited with sisters from another litter Luna and Jade, and finally stepping out into more space than they had ever known when they arrived at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa. We wonder what she remembers of it all now?

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